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gerberairis.onsugar.com Today is Saturday, April 29, 2017

wishing for this on the 27th :D


Our 3rd anniversary this february 27th!!!

Unfortunately we will be @ different cities that day, i have a family meeting in bandung and he will be in jakarta.  But then in the 28th, there will be a family meeting in his house ( my family and his) , talking and planning about our wedding which we don't have a vote or say on it cause we both are merely actor and actress that attend the wedding LOL oh well... the important thing is we will be married.. finally.. hahahaha anyway, this post is not about the wedding which is still like a bizzillion months away (exaggerating most definitely :D ), it's about the present and no this list is not a you-must-buy-this-or-i-will-be-furious-at-you kinda list.. it's just a guideline to help him find a gift for me.. anywhoo, i suspect he already buy /order me something, cause he's so oddly calm unlike the usual i-don't-know-what-to-give-you-and-there's-only-a-week-left panic.. this time i won't try to find out what the gift is cause well.. it's like only a week till i know what i will be getting :D

The List .... ( mostly makeup stuff cause he never buy me anything close to makeup... can you believe that?? I'm this makeup junkie collector and my boyfriend never pitch in on anything!!!! --> well he doesn't really have too ya.. LOL )

1. NARS Blush -- i always dreamed having one this babies.. i love the slick and beautiful compartment of nars product.. the only nars product i have is their loose powder in beach and i love it!!  the shade i want is between Torrid, Crazed, or Amour .

Crazed review  here : http://makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=37999/Crazed/NARS/Blush


2. The 187 Duo Fibre Brush Dupe -- i don't want the real MAC cause i still don't know how to use this freakin' stippling brush (i have the 188 dupe) but i think the 187 dupe will paired nicely with the nars blush which is super pigmented (example : nars crazed). the MakeUpShow brand from china is not bad.. it cost roughly around Rp.180.000 and you can get it @ fashionesedaily beauty warehouse.. cheap right? especially compare to the original MAC :D


3. Last but Not Least... MAC eyeshadow in shimmermoss or coppering -- been craving this for months and so hard to get it anywhere... :( you can check the picture @ maccosmetics.com - alternative MAC paint pot in delft or rubenesque or better yet.. ask me to pick an eyeshadow in mac stores!!!

Well thats it babe.. see!!! i don't want a lot of expensive stuff.. i just want a few expensive stuff :rotfl: back on picking my decoration for wedding! (will post it here if i have time!)




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yeayy!!! new blog...

This Blog i created especially for review the beauty stuff i use or my wishlist !

so enjoy!!




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